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Lee Jamison Gallery

1603 14th St.

Huntsville, TX 77340




Anderson Panorama,  2013, Anderson, TX

Home Portrait, 2014

McCollum Custom Homes, Houston, TX

Learning to Fish, 2013
Lakeview Methodist Conference Center

Palestine, TX


Family Portrait,  Houston, TX

Huntsville at Night- Series 2010

A Fond Memory

Presenting "The Coming Storm" to Former President Bush 1994
with my wife, Melinda, and friend and collector Weldon Granger

Everyone wants to make a living.  But the artist wants to do a little something more.  We want to leave something behind people will think years on was worth having, and worth looking at over and over.  Mostly that means you just keep plugging away at it.

Look around a little.  Here are things that are, with one exception, from the last few years.  Click on some and they'll take you to other pages.

A client's historic home nestles in a rare Texas snow.

1841 Texas Inaugural Ball. 2009

Shown in the PBS documentary "Sam Houston"

Texas History- Series